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New Year’s Writing Resolutions

This January the Tin Pencil will be celebrating its 2nd birthday, and I can’t help but look back on the time that’s passed and the writing that’s been accomplished in that time. Some Tin Pencil members, who at first attended meetings merely to humor me, have transformed into impressively prolific writers. Others, like myself, have found it challenging to complete one to two new pages between meetings, and when I think of the small quantity of work I’ve completed over the last two years I’m at least comforted that it’s more than I would have done if I didn’t have the Tin Pencil meetings as deadlines.

That said, how awesome would it be if 2010 were a bit more productive? I’m sure I could make more time to write if I really set my mind to it.  I know I’d like to finally finish this last edit on my novel and send it out to some agents and then (squee! I can’t wait!) start writing the next one.

So what are your goals for your writing in 2010? Do you have a word count you’d like to hit? A number of stories you’d like to write? Are you finally going to query that agent you’ve been stalking online? At our last meeting of 2009, on December 23rd, or in the comments section here, I’d like it if we could all share our writing goals for the coming year.

And finally, how can the Tin Pencil help you meet your goals? I’d appreciate your thoughts.

Be Thankful

I had promised myself I wasn’t going to fill this blog merely with links to other blogs, but Tin Pencil member Sue E. sent me the post Ten Commandments for the Happy Writer by the amazing Nathan Bransford (*blush* see previous post) and I was struck by how relevant commandment number nine is in the wake of Thanksgiving.

9. Be thankful for what you have. If you have the time to write you’re doing pretty well. There are millions of starving people around the world, and they’re not writing because they’re starving. If you’re writing: you’re doing just fine. Appreciate it.

We are very lucky. I know that I find myself whining with embarrassing regularity about my busy schedule, lack of time, so much to do, blah, blah, blah. But I’m busy because I get to do all of the stuff that I love. How lucky is that?

Read the rest of the commandments here. Thanks Sue!

Annie Dillard and the Writing Life

If you desire an inspirational read that is also overflowing with masterful writing tips, check out this short essay by Alexander Chee. It perked me right up. Just read it. I’ll say no more.

*Update* This essay is included in the awesome new collection  “Mentors, Muses & Monsters: 30 Writers On the People Who Changed Their Lives” now out in hardcover.


Hey Tin Pencilers!

This is our new home! I hope you like it! Geocities is shutting down, so I’m moving our online presence here. I’m still figuring out the bells and whistles so the site is bound to improve over time.

Write on!

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