The Future of Publishing…

My posts are so often links to other bloggers’ posts, I know (hangs head in shame), but this is perhaps the best argument I’ve read for the future domination of e-books. While, as an indie bookseller in a traditional brick and mortar store, this makes me a little sad, I can also now look to the future with a different kind of hope. Maybe bookstores will soon be welcome among the ranks of clock shops and hat stores, but at least we will still exist for those to whom it makes a difference.


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  1. 1 richinman November 20, 2009 at 2:17 pm

    Well, I wouldn’t worry too much about e-books to be honest. It’s the same argument that has been going on in the movie and game industries. People think that everything will go to download only, or play on demand. But, as far as games and movies are concerned, people will always want to have a copy of that in their hands. One that they can take to a friends house, or let them borrow, or generally look at and know that the $25 – $65 they spent has something to show for it.

    As for books, people have been reading the written word on paper for thousands of years. It’s not only the traditional way to do things, it’s still the best. A printed book doesn’t run out of batteries. It doesn’t accidentally get deleted or lost or have it’s hard drive crash. A printed book is dependable, portable and lasting.

    I think that people will always demand printed books and if the worst that happens is that only good books are printed, then at least we’ve weeded out the books we probably wouldn’t put on the shelf when we’re done reading them, so we don’t mind if they accidentally get lost or deleted.

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